Use the Alopecialage technique to inspire people impacted by baldness to offer them the trust they deserve

The professional, caitlin James Of Scalp MicroPigmentation Adelaide, brings back again to SMP Australia the most recent SMP hair thinning treatments from the usa & UK. We’re just one of Australia’s top consulting and training activities for Scalp MicroPigmentation to guarantee you get the best outcomes possible. A skilled doctor should take care of Alopecia advanced methods like hair on your face loss, and wound treatment. Caitlin has ten years of experience working like a hair transplant technician in the hair loss care industry & 1-3 years as a makeup therapist (Dip.) . For Caitlin’s creative ability to achieve very long, natural hairlines, clients smp australia come from all over to SMP Australia.


Before and after photo gallery •,
• A hair loss treatment If you like a hair appearance.
• Treatment for hair loss mask Thinning hair loss that is basic & baldness.
• SMP skin that is previous, for scalp bruises Transplantation marks, and camouflage for Alopecia.

CAITLIN Micropigmentation & co-director of scalp australia micro-pigmentation

Caitlin James created Scalp Micropigmentation at 2015. Caitlin’s passion for esthetics began in 2005 when she finished her Beauty Therapy Diploma & completed Global Contest (CIDESCO) & British Diploma (CIBTAC). Caitlin was awarded her thesis using the highest college symbols and also traveled in order to complete her Diploma. Caitlin moved in to operating with Laser Hair Removal, Laser Tattoo Removal, and Laser Skin Rejuvenation at a few of the very outstanding laser clinics in Adelaide after several years in the makeup industry, functioning for Class 4 Medical Lasers.

Caitlin started working at a Cosmetic Day Surgery & has been qualified like a hair transplant specialist, working together with capsules, & like a medical administrator.